Printing Documents

Choose a real physical printer.

PDF Professional does not rely on ’printer resident fonts‘ or ’printer memory‘, or even ’versions of printer drivers’. The point is – if you can display the PDF on screen, you should be able to print it without problems. Select File > Print or click the Print button on the File toolbar to open the Print dialog box.


Name: Choose the printer from the drop-down list and optionally click the Properties button to choose printer-specific options. The printer type and the current status are displayed for information.


Print Content: You can print document and comments, document only, or form fields only.


Print Range

Range: Specify the range of pages to print: all pages, current page, current view or page range.

Subset: For a multi-page range, choose all pages, odd pages, or even pages.

Reverse pages: Print pages in reverse order.


The preview area shows the size of the paper and how PDF pages will be printed on it.

Print Handling

Copies: Tells how many copies are needed.

Collate: Arrange multiple copies into separate documents.

Zoom: Choose how PDF pages should be scaled onto the paper:

  • None: Do not scale the pages.

  • Fit to paper: Scale pages to fit in the paper currently available in the printer. Usually you can choose different paper sizes in the Printer Properties dialog box.

  • Shrink large pages: Reduce large pages to fit in the paper.

  • Choose paper by PDF page size: Select the paper tray according to the page size – this feature is printer-dependent.

  • Split pages to multiple sheets: Print oversized pages onto multiple sheets.

  • Multiple pages per sheet: Print multiple pages onto one sheet. You can decide how many pages to combine.

Auto-Rotate and Center: Rotate and center the page according to the paper size and layout

Remove Margins: Print the document without margins.

Further options

Print as image: Choose this if you want the PDF pages to be saved as images, for instance to move them to a printer at a different location.

Print to file: Choose this if you want to save the PDF pages in a file. Name your file in the Print to File dialog box.

Printing Documents