Splitting a Document

You can split a large document into a set of smaller ones according to criteria you choose. You can extract defined pages from a PDF. In both cases, the original PDF document is left unchanged. The unit of splitting is a page, so no split point can be specified anywhere inside a page. When you split a document by page numbers, the specified pages become the first pages of the new documents. When you split by text or bookmarks, the page containing the text or bookmark becomes the first page of the new document.

Splitting or extracting cannot be performed on single-page documents. You can do splitting or extracting from the current document or a chosen one.


A new splitting criterion is available – by file size. Specify the maximum number of megabytes permitted for each split file.

To split a document

  1. Select Document > Split Document…. The Split Document dialog box appears.

  2. Select a multi-page document you would like to split.

  3. Select one of the split modes and make any necessary settings. For detail, see Split Document dialog box.

  4. Click OK. The Browse for Folder dialog box is displayed. Choose a folder for saving the resulting PDF file(s) or create a new folder.

Use the same procedure to extract pages to a single file according to the selected mode.


Splitting a Document