Creating PDF Forms

PDF Converter Professional includes Form tools to insert form fields onto PDF pages. You can post PDF forms you create on a web page, in order to receive filled form data directly to a database.

There are two basic ways to prepare forms in PDF Converter Professional:

  • create a form in an external application and bring it into the program, or

  • start a new, blank PDF inside PDF Converter Professional and add your form elements manually.

Creating a Form in Another Application

  1. Create the layout of your form in an external application (such as Microsoft Word).

  2. Convert the file to PDF using the facilities provided.

  3. Click the PDF Converter formtyper Creating PDF Forms FormTyper tool in the FormToolbar, or select Forms > FormTyper if you want form elements auto-detected and displayed.

  4. Use the form tools if you want to add or modify controls. See Form Controls.

  5. When the form is ready, save the PDF file.

  6. Choose the PDF Converter hand Creating PDF Forms  Hand tool if you want to fill the form you have created.


You can export a static PDF form from PDF Professional to Microsoft Word using Form mode in PDF Professional. This will activate the form controls in the Word form. Avoid exporting active PDF forms in this way, since the existing active controls will be overwritten.

The Auto FormTyper functionality is provided by the PDF Converter component of PDF Converter Professional. If you chose at installation time not to install this component, Auto FormTyper will not be available.


Creating a Form Inside PDF Converter Professional

  1. Click the PDF Converter new blankpdf Creating PDF Forms Blank PDF button in the Main Toolbar, or choose File > New PDF > Blank PDF, or press CTRL+N.

  2. Draw form elements on the page with the form tools.

  3. Add static texts using text boxes.

  4. When the form is ready, save the PDF file.

  5. Choose the Hand tool if you want to fill the form you have created.


Do not edit form controls or run FormTyper on a form with active XFA controls.


Creating PDF Forms