Importing and Exporting Form Data


Data entered in a form can be saved without saving form fields themselves, and repeatedly used to fill other forms. This can be useful for speeding up filling forms by automatically entering a data set that is common for a significant number of forms. The process includes exporting data of filled forms to be saved in special file types, and importing such files to fill empty forms.


To export form data

  1. Open a filled form

  2. Choose Forms > Export Data from Form

  3. In the Export Form Data As dialog box, specify the name of the fdf/xfdf file

  4. Click Save. Your data is stored at the defined location and file type.

To import form data

  1. Open an unfilled form

  2. Choose Forms > Import Data to Form

  3. In the Select File Containing Form Data dialog box, browse to the fdf/xfdf file containing the data you want to import into the open form

  4. Click Open. So long as the fdf/xfdf file contains form control descriptions and data that are suitable for the current form, the data will be inserted into the proper fields.


The FDF and XFDF file formats can be handled by many PDF editors. They store not only the form data but also information on the number and types of controls within the form.


Importing and Exporting Form Data