Keyboard Guide by actions

This listing is for PDF Converter Professional 7 and is arranged according to actions with the most important word placed first. The Help system also provides a listing arranged by keystrokes.


Cascade windows (Window menu)

Shift + Ctrl + J

Check spelling in comments (Edit Menu)


Close all windows (Window menu)

Shift + Ctrl + W

Close current document and program on last close

Alt + F4

Close current document but not the program

Ctrl + F4

Close document (File menu)

Ctrl + W

Copy selection (Edit menu)

Ctrl + C

Create new bookmark

Ctrl + B

Crop Pages dialog box open (Document menu)

Shift + Ctrl + C

Custom Page Size dialog box open (File menu)

Ctrl + N

Cut selection (Edit menu)

Ctrl + X

Delete Pages dialog box open (Document menu)

Shift + Ctrl + D

Deselect All (Edit menu)

Shift + Ctrl + A

Document Properties dialog box (Document menu)

Ctrl + D

Exit program (File menu)

Ctrl + Q

Extract Pages dialog box open (Document menu)

Shift + Ctrl + E

Find dialog box open (Edit menu)

Ctrl + F

Fit page to window height (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + 4

Fit page to window size (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + 0

Fit page to window width (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + 2

Fit visible content to window size (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + 3

Focus to File menu – arrows to other menus


Full screen mode on/off (View menu)

Ctrl + L

Go to first page

Ctrl + Home

Go to last page

Ctrl + End

Go to next page

Ctrl+ Page Down

Go to next view

Alt + Right Arrow

Go to previous page

Ctrl+ Page Up

Go to previous view

Alt + Left Arrow

Grids show/hide (View menu)

Ctrl + U

Help system open at introduction topic


Hide/show menu bar (View menu)


Hide/show Toolbars (View Menu)


JavaScript Console open (Document menu)

Ctrl + J

Jaws: Cancel reading


Jaws: Read content of next tag

Ctrl + Down

Jaws: Read content of previous tag

Ctrl + Up

Jaws: Read first content element of document


Jaws: Read first content element of next page

Page Down

Jaws: Read first content element of previous page

Page Up

Jaws: Read last content element of document


Jaws: Read next content element in tag tree

Down arrow

Jaws: Read next word

Right arrow

Jaws: Read previous content element in tag tree

Up arrow

Jaws: Read previous word

Left arrow

Move half a page down

Page Down

Move half a page up

Page Up

New Pages dialog box open (Document menu)  

Shift + Ctrl + N

Open a listing of Navigation and Organizer panels

Ctrl + Tab

Open dialog box to insert pages (Document menu)

Shift + Ctrl + I

Open dialog box to replace pages (Document menu)

Shift + Ctrl + P

Open file dialog box (File menu)

Ctrl + O

Open from SharePoint dialog box (File Menu)

Ctrl + 5

Paste Selection (Edit menu)

Ctrl + V

PDF Converter launch to unlock a file (Tools menu)

Ctrl + T

Preferences dialog box open (Edit menu)

Ctrl + K

Print dialog box open (File menu)

Ctrl + P

RealSpeak: Pause/resume reading aloud

Shift + Ctrl + V

RealSpeak: Read Current Page (Tools menu)

Shift + Ctrl + G

RealSpeak: Read to End of Document (Tools menu)

Shift + Ctrl + O

RealSpeak: Read to File (Tools menu)

Shift + Ctrl + B

RealSpeak: Stop (Tools menu)

Shift + Ctrl + T

Redo action (Edit menu)

Ctrl + Y

Reset Toolbars (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + F8

Rotate Pages dialog box open

Shift + Ctrl + R

Rulers show/hide (View menu)

Ctrl + R

Save As (File menu)

Shift + Ctrl + S

Save document (File menu)

Ctrl + S

Save to SharePoint (File menu)

Shift + Ctrl + 5

Search interface open (Edit menu)

Shift + Ctrl + F

Select All (Edit menu)

Ctrl + A

Show page at actual size (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + 1

Snap to Grid (View menu)

Shift + Ctrl + U

Switch between open documents

Alt + F6

Tile multiple windows horizontally (Window menu)

Shift + Ctrl + K

Tile multiple windows vertically (Window menu)

Shift + Ctrl + L

Undo action (Edit menu)

Ctrl + Z

Zoom in (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + +

Zoom out (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + –

Zoom to dialog box open (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + M


Keyboard Guide by actions