Keyboard Guide by keystrokes

This listing is for PDF Converter Professional 7 and is arranged according to keystrokes. The Help system also provides a listing arranged by actions.



Function keys


Open the Help system at the introduction topic


Check spelling in comments (Edit Menu)


Hide/show Toolbars – keep menu bar and Navigation Panel (View Menu)


Hide/show menu bar and expand / restore Document Panel (View menu)


Move focus to File menu (use arrows to move between menus)


Control keys

Ctrl + A

Select All (Edit menu)

Ctrl + B

Create new bookmark – opens bookmark panel as necessary

Ctrl + C

Copy selection (Edit menu)

Ctrl + D

Display Document Properties tabbed dialog box (Document menu)

Ctrl + F

Open Find dialog box (Edit menu)

Ctrl + J

Open JavaScript Console (Document menu)

Ctrl + K

Open the tabbed Preferences dialog box (Edit menu)

Ctrl + L

Full screen mode on/off (View menu)

Ctrl + M

Open Zoom to dialog box (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + N

Open Custom Page Size dialog box. (File menu)

Ctrl + O

Display Open file dialog box (File menu)

Ctrl + P

Display the Print dialog box (File menu)

Ctrl + Q

Exit program (File menu)

Ctrl + R

Show/hide rulers (View menu)

Ctrl + S

Save document (File menu)

Ctrl + T

Launch PDF Converter to unlock a file (Tools menu)

Ctrl + U

Show/hide grids (View menu)

Ctrl + V

Paste selection (Edit menu)

Ctrl + W

Close document (File menu)

Ctrl + X

Cut selection (Edit menu)

Ctrl + Y

Redo action (Edit menu)

Ctrl + Z

Undo action (Edit menu)

Ctrl + 0

Fit page to window size (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + 1

Show page at actual size (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + 2

Fit page to window width (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + 3

Fit the visible content to window size (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + 4

Fit page to window height (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + 5

Display Open from SharePoint dialog box (File Menu)

Ctrl + F4

Close current document

Ctrl + F8

Reset Toolbars (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + +

Zoom in (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + –

Zoom out (View sub-menu)

Ctrl + Home

Go to first page

Ctrl + End

Go to last page

Ctrl + PgDn

Go to next page

Ctrl + PgUp

Go to previous page

Ctrl + Tab

Open a listing of Navigation and Organizer panels


Shift Keys

Shift + Ctrl + A

Deselect All (Edit menu)

Shift + Ctrl + B

RealSpeak: Read to File (Tools menu)

Shift + Ctrl + C

Open the Crop Pages dialog box (Document menu)

Shift + Ctrl + D

Open the Delete Pages dialog box (Document menu)

Shift + Ctrl + E

Open the Extract Pages dialog box (Document menu)

Shift + Ctrl + F

Open the Search interface (Edit menu)

Shift + Ctrl + G

RealSpeak: Read Current Page (Tools menu)

Shift + Ctrl + I

Open the Open dialog box to insert pages (Document menu)

Shift + Ctrl + J

Cascade Windows (Window menu)

Shift + Ctrl + K

Tile multiple windows horizontally (Window menu)

Shift + Ctrl + L

Tile multiple windows vertically (Window menu)

Shift + Ctrl + N

Open the New Pages dialog box (Document menu)

Shift + Ctrl + O

RealSpeak: Read to End of Document (Tools menu)

Shift + Ctrl + P

Open the Open dialog box to replace pages (Document menu)

Shift + Ctrl + R

Open the Rotate Pages dialog box to rotate pages, not just the view

Shift + Ctrl +  S

Save As (File menu)

Shift + Ctrl + T

RealSpeak: Stop (Tools menu).

Shift + Ctrl + U

Snap to Grid on/off (View menu)

Shift + Ctrl + V

RealSpeak: Pause/resume (Tools menu)

Shift + Ctrl + W

Close all windows (Window menu)

Shift + Ctrl + 5

Save to SharePoint (File menu)


Moving in and between documents


Move half a page down


Move half a page up

Ctrl + Home

Go to first page

Ctrl + End

Go to last page

Ctrl + Page Down

Go to next page

Ctrl + Page Up

Go to previous page

Alt + Left a

Go to previous view

Alt + Right arrow

Go to next view

Alt + F4

Close current document and the program on last document close

Alt + F6

Switch between open documents

Ctrl + F4

Close current document but not the program


For the keystrokes to drive Jaws, please consult the Keyboard Guide by actions.


Other combinations with Alt can be used to access all menu items. These are not listed, since the underlined characters involved are displayed on-screen and screen readers can determine them.

Keyboard Guide by keystrokes