About Searching

For simple searches in the current PDF only, use the Find dialog box. For more complicated searching, use the Search dialog box. This lets you search over multiple files, narrow the search by adding more criteria and use advanced search techniques.


Begin a search from the Edit menu. PDF Converter Professional offers several ways to perform full text searches on PDF files:

  • search a single word or phrase

  • search multiple words or phrases

  • search by pre-defined patterns

  • search by custom written patterns (arbitrary masks)

See: Search dialog box and Searching by Patterns and Masks.


You can also determine the scope of the search:

A folder search lets you search one folder (with or without sub-folders) and lets you limit the search according to values in standard fields (author, title, subject, keywords, etc.) of the PDF Properties. See Selecting Search Options. An index search gives greater speed because it uses a pre-built index. It also gives more flexibility; letting you widen the search by defining a set of search folders and sub-folders and letting you narrow the search, using not only standard PDF Property  fields, but also custom defined fields with values you define.

For any of the above, specify commonly used search criteria such as Match Case, Match whole word only. In addition, specify whether to include comments and bookmarks.


Logical Operators

When performing searches in multiple documents, you may enter the following logical operators to refine your search:

And: “&”

Or: “|”.

Not: “~”.

Parentheses: “(“, “)”.


Use parentheses to define the order in which Boolean operators are performed. For more information, and diagrams showing the effects of these operators see Searching with Boolean Operators.


Searching for redaction or markup

Searching can be combined with other program functions, as follows:


Search and Redact: Found items are marked for redaction, as described in Searching and Redacting Text. Choose this from the Document menu.

Search and Markup: Found items are highlighted, struck out or underlined, according to your choice. Choose this in the drop-down list of the Text Markup Tool in the Comments toolbar.

Scan and Markup: Found items are highlighted, struck out, underlined or marked for redaction, according to your choice. In this case searching multiple strings is not offered. Choose this in the Scan menu; see Creating PDF Files from a Scanner.









About Searching