Index Search

An index search lets you

  • search more quickly through folders, because a pre-built index is used

  • widen the search by defining a set of folders and sub-folders to be searched

  • narrow the search, using standard and/or custom defined fields from the PDF Properties.

To search an index

  1. Open the Search dialog box.

  2. Type in a search phrase.

  3. Choose Currently Selected Indexes or Select Index from the Look In drop-down list. For the latter case, the Index Manager dialog box will appear.  

  4. In the Index Manager dialog box,

    • click Add and in the Open dialog box and select an index. Then click Open, or

    • if the Index Manager already contains the index file you want to use, select it, then click OK.

From now on, the index just selected becomes the Currently Selected Index.

  1. Click >> Advanced to use additional search criteria. For details, see Selecting Search Options.

  2. Click Search. The Results list will contain the occurrences.

  3. Click a result in the list to display the page containing the found search phrase highlighted.


There is one more option in index search, the Stemming option. This option is only available when searching index files. Use this option to find all words that have the same root. For instance, type in “look” to find “looks”, “looked”, “looking” etc. Wildcard characters (*, ?) cannot be used with this option.


Match Type

Match exact word or phrase

Searches for precise matches for the whole string of characters, including spaces, in the order given in the Search For box. For example, if you type ”PDF Professional”, the result will list only instances of ”PDF Professional”, when both words appear in the given order.

Match any of the words

Searches for any instances that contain at least one of the words you type in the Search For box. For example, if you type ”at all”, the results include any instances in which one or both of the two words appear: at, all, at all, or all at.

Match all of the words

Searches for instances that contain all the words you type in the Search For box, but not necessarily in the same order. For example, if you type ”at all”, the results include instances of at all and all at.

Boolean query

Searches for terms or phrases you indicate using Boolean operations. Boolean Query can only be available in multiple-document searches, but not in single-document searches.


Index Search