Rebuilding and Purging Indexes

When you build a new index, it generates a new .zpi file and a new support folder for the index files. The small .zpi file makes the information in these index files available to the search function. When thousands of PDF files are indexed, the total size of the index files can be large, yet these files must be available for searching  the index.

To revise an existing index

  1. Choose Document > Indexing > Create Full Text Indexes.

  2. Click Open in the Catalog dialog box, select an existing index definition file (ZPI) for the index, and click Open.

  3. In the Catalog dialog box:

    • Click Rebuild to create a new index, overwriting the existing ZPI and index files.

    • Click Purge to delete the index contents without deleting the ZPI file itself.

  1. When indexing is ready, click Close.

Rebuilding and Purging Indexes