Creating Custom Envelopes

In the Envelope Panel, you can create custom envelope templates for secure deliveries.

To create a custom envelope template

  1. Prepare a PDF page to be used as an envelope. You can design it in another text editing application, convert it to a PDF page, and then you may add interactive form fields to it in PDF Professional.

  2. Click the PDF Converter organizer Creating Custom Envelopes Organizer Panel button in the View toolbar and select Envelope from the drop-down menu, or select View > Organizer Panels > Envelope.

  3. Click the Create button or select Create from the Options menu.

  4. In the pop-up Create Envelope dialog box, click Browse to navigate to the prepared PDF page to be used as the envelope file. Accept the file name to be used as Envelope Name, or specify another name in the top text field.

  5. If desired, select a Security Scheme and a Signature Scheme for the package to be automatically used when you encrypt or sign the envelope file.

  6. Click OK.


Creating Custom Envelopes