Secure Delivery

Secure Delivery is a wizard-type sequence of actions to help you protect a chosen set of files to be delivered via e-mail. The Wizard does not act on any opened document.

To send PDF documents with Secure Delivery

  1. Select Document > Security > Secure Delivery, or click the PDF Converter button securedelivery Secure Delivery  Secure Delivery button on the File toolbar.

  2. The Secure Delivery wizard dialog box guides you through four steps:

    • Select Envelope

      Click this item to open the Envelope panel. Double-click the desired envelope, or right-click it and choose Apply to display it in the Document pane. An envelope may contain interactive form fields to be filled in.

    • Add Attachments

      Click this item to add attachments. Selected files are shown in the Attachments panel (both PDF and non-PDF files are allowed). Select multiple files from a single location, or repeat the action to add more files from different locations. You can attach a package PDF that groups a set of PDF files.

    • Encrypt Files

      Click this item to open the Security panel. Drag a security scheme to encrypt the attachments or the envelope file. You can change the security settings any time before you save and close the file package. See Security Properties for details.

    • Sign Document

      Click this item to open the Sign/Certify panel. Drag a suitable signature scheme to sign the envelope file. An envelope template file, as a rule, is designed to contain a digital signature field for signing. Otherwise, you can interactively sign the envelope. See Sign/Certify Panel for details.


Since changes can affect a signature’s validity, please sign only after you have completed all modifications.

  1. When the documents are assembled, click Send. Your default mailing application opens with a new message that includes the file collection protected by their secure envelope. The message field contains instructions for the recipient on how to access the secured attachments.

  2. Fill in the necessary information in the e-mail message window (such as Recipients, Subject, Text, etc.) and send it.


Secure Delivery