Security Properties

Specify and change security properties for an open PDF document, set passwords needed for opening it or for specifying permitted or prohibited actions on it, and/or use certificate schemes to encrypt it.


Do one of the following to display the Security pane in the Document Properties dialog box:

  • Select Document > Document Properties and click the Security tab

  • Click the ► symbol at the top of the vertical scroll bar, choose Document Properties and click the Security tab

  • Select Document > Security > Security Properties …

  • On the Security toolbar, click the down arrow next to the Security Panel button and choose Security Properties… from the drop-down menu.

View the Summary of Permitted Actions currently set for the document and choose a security method.

  • No Security: By default, all actions are allowed. Select this to remove all security properties from a previously secured document, if you have the right to.

  • Password Security: Select this to display the Password Security dialog box. See Password Security for details.

  • Certificate Security: Select this to display the Certificate Security Settings wizard. See Certificate Security for details.

You must save Security Properties modifications and the document for the new settings to take effect. Click Details … to view changed settings. Click Settings to make more changes.



Security Properties