Navigating in Documents

To navigate in PDF documents, you can use

  • the Navigation Panels

  • hyperlinks

  • the navigation buttons in the View bar.

Navigation Panels

  • Open the Bookmarks panel and click a bookmark to display a chapter or a section. Use the plus sign to expand a bookmark and the minus sign to collapse it.

  • Open the Pages panel and click a page thumbnail to display a page. Resize the red rectangle to see specific parts of a page.

  • Open the Destinations panel and double-click a destination to jump to a location within a document.


Use the Attachments panel to display a file attached to your currently opened document. Open the Attachments panel and click the file attached.

Use the PDF Converter back Navigating in Documents Previous View button to go back to the main document.



You can use hyperlinks to move to another location in an opened document.


Clicking a bookmark or a link may perform an action (e.g. open a file attachment).


Navigation buttons in the View bar

PDF Converter controls navigation Navigating in Documents

To look through a document

  • use the Previous View,  Previous Page, Next Page or Next View buttons in the View bar, or

  • the Go To commands from the View menu, or

  • keyboard shortcuts.

To go to a desired page

  • Type a different page number in the View bar and press Enter.

  • Choose View > Go To > Page to display the Go To dialog box. Enter a page number then click OK.


Navigating in Documents