Viewing Options

To view PDF documents, you can hide controls to get a clean work area.

  • Press F8 to keep only the menu bar and the Navigation Panel.

  • Press F9 to hide the menu bar and expand the Document Panel.

  • Choose Document > Document Properties > Initial View to customize the appearance of the document and the program window. See Document Properties for details.

To exit or restore, perform the corresponding action again.


To view with Full Screen display

  • Choose View > Full Screen, or press Ctrl+L, or click the PDF Converter button full screen mode Viewing Options Full Screen Mode button in the View bar to switch to Full Screen.  

  • Use PageDown,  PageUp,  Ctrl + End and Ctrl + Home to move in the document.

  • Press Ctrl+L to exit Full Screen display.

All controls are hidden in Full Screen; this is usually used for presentations. The pointer remains active, so you can click links or open notes. You can use keyboard shortcuts for various commands such as magnification, print, and searching, etc.

Set preferences under Edit > Preferences > General > Full Screen.

Grid display


Grids help you tidy up page layout.

To use grids

  • Choose View > Grid, or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + U to show grids on your document page.

  • Choose View > Snap to Grid, or use keyboard shortcut Shift + Ctrl + U to have objects selected and moved with the Select Object tool align themselves with the nearest grid lines.  

  • Define Grid properties under General Preferences.

To hide grids or turn off grid snapping

  • Choose View > Grid or click Ctrl + U again.

  • Choose View > Snap to Grid or click Shift + Ctrl + U again.



Viewing Options