Zooming Pages

You can enlarge or reduce a page to any size allowed – within the range of the minimum and maximum zoom levels. When you zoom-in to a size larger than the window, you can use the Hand tool to move the page.

Using the Zoom controls

Click the  Zoom buttons beside the magnification level box PDF Converter controls zooming Zooming Pages on the View bar to expand or reduce the current Document View. You may also choose a preset zoom factor or enter a desired factor directly.

Using the Zoom-in / Zoom-out tool   PDF Converter zoomin Zooming Pages PDF Converter zoomout Zooming Pages

Select the Zoom-in button (in the Main Toolbar) to enlarge, or the Zoom-out button to reduce the view; or choose Zoom In or Zoom Out under Zoom in the View menu.

While one of the Zoom tools is selected, you can press  the Ctrl key to switch between the Zoom-in and Zoom-out tool.

Using the Dynamic Zoom tool PDF Converter dynamiczoom Zooming Pages

This tool lets you to enlarge or reduce page view according to the mouse movement. Drag up to zoom in, drag down to zoom out.

Using the Loupe tool PDF Converter loupe Zooming Pages

Click this to view an enlarged page view within the loupe area. You can change the scale of the loupe and move the loupe freely within the program window.

  1. Choose the Loupe tool from the Zoom toolbar.

  2. Select a page area – the loupe window appears.

  3. Select a magnification – the displayed area is framed on the page.

  4. Move the framed area to view other parts of the image in the loupe.

  5. Change the frame color as desired.

  6. Close the loupe window when you are done.

Using page thumbnails to zoom

A red box in the thumbnail shows which part of the page is being displayed. Drag corners of this box in the Navigation panel, to change the part of the page that is visible.



Use the Hand tool to move around the page. Define its behavior in Edit > Preferences > General > Miscellaneous.

Zooming Pages